Companies are looking for alternative ways of managing absence due to sickness and stress

At Synergy Therapies we deliver a range of holistic therapies, that can provide valuable help to motivate, revitalise, improves health and well being of employees, increasing efficiency and performance, boosts employee morale, enhancing productivity and reducing the cost of sickness pay. We offer a full range of holistic treatments for employee incentives and are able to customise our services to meet your needs. Used as part of an employee wellbeing programme or a one off initiative. 

Reward your hard working team with a office pamper day or a wellness day. Employees can receive treatments during the day to create a healthy opportunity to relax and revitalise with colleagues. Typical treatments might be Indian head massage, back and shoulder massage, Reiki and reflexology, as these are effective, convenient, and can be timed to suit your needs.

 Reduce stress in your workplace today!

We can offer mini treatments or cost effective Stress Management Programs onsite. The cost of On-site Corporate Therapy will depend on the number of people involved and the type of treatments required. For a quotation please contact us directly using  our Contact page.

Potential work benefits:

Helps to decrease employee absence

Reduces stress and tension

Increases alertness and energy levels

Encourages staff loyalty

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Managing sickness absence is a key issue for employers. *1.3million Workers suffering from a work-related illness (new or long standing) 0.5million Workers suffering from work-related musculoskeletal disorders (new or long standing) 0.5million Workers suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety (new or long standing) 25.9million Working days lost due to work-related illness. According to government statistics, stress, depression and anxiety related problems account for the majority of lost working days.

*Estimates based on self reports from the Labour Force Survey (LFS) in 2015/16

In addition to the direct costs of employee absence (paying sick pay and paying someone else to perform the absent employee’s work), high levels of absence can demotivate those employees who have to take on the absent employee’s work, cause all-round disruption to productivity and adversely affect an employer’s continuity of service to its clients.